by Barri Bryan, Elizabeth Batten-Carew, Jaide Fox, Kimberly Zant

August 2005
ISBN: 1-58608-537-9
Reviewer Graphic Button New Concepts Publishing

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Abigail Warren is about to start a new life - traveling by stagecoach, accompanied by her escort, Reverend Rufus Abernathy. It’s in the badlands of Texas that Abigail will find herself in a whole heap of trouble and within the arms of a desperate, on the run stranger.

Hostage is by Barri Bryan. The development of this story was excellent and Ms. Bryan did a nice job of keeping this reader entertained. The ending of this story is what truly makes this a lovely and heartwarming tale! This reader did have one issue with this story; it was the same anatomical words Ms. Bryan used repeatedly. They just did not fit and blend seamlessly with this well written “adult,” sexual adventure.

Jerette works for a computer firm as a manager. At night she slips into her virtual reality programs and becomes whatever she desires. Now it seems she has a dark and mysterious man intruding in her personal fantasy realm. Who is he? What does he want from her?

Virtual Love is by Elizabeth Batten-Carew. Ms. Batten-Carew’s writing was spotless! Ms. Batten-Carew has created a fantasy world this reader had no trouble falling into. What an engrossing and imaginative tale. Well done, Ms. Batten-Carew, your story is the crown jewel of this anthology!

Lilith Somerset is on her way to her betrothal. She feels more like a possession, than a person. Lilith's carriage is overtaken and a handsome man riding a strange winged creature kidnaps her. What does he want? Will he ravish her body or hold her for ransom? Is Lilith the key to his salvation or his downfall?

Forbidden Fruitby Jaide Fox is a marvelous and magical tale of love. Ms. Fox has written some deliciously naughty love scenes! This reader will be looking forward to reading more works by Ms. Fox. Please beware, there is a graphic scene within this story that implies forced sex.

There is a killer on the loose and driving home late at night, poor Amanda “Amy” Louise Pendleton is now his next target. Out maneuvering him, Amy heads for a cabin in the woods. It's who comes to Amy’s rescue, that will shock and amaze, even her…

Heart of Midnight is by Kimberly Zant. Ms. Zant has produced an outstanding and thrilling story that enthralled this reader until the very end! What a wonderful imagination you have, Ms. Zant! This story is shell shocking – orgasmic! The only thing not to like is that the story ends.

Captured is a sexual compilation that readers will find entertaining and sexually thrilling! These four talented writers captured, created and nurtured these stories! The theme of this sexual captivating anthology is run, chase – "captured." They are carnally consuming! These stories will have you clenching your inner thigh muscles right a long with the characters! Get your copy today!

Reviewed in August 2005 by Janalee.