by Rachel Caine

August 2005
ISBN: 0-373-51367-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Silhouette #53
Mass Market Paperback

Author Rachel Caine poses an intriguing ethical question to start her Red Letter Days series: What would you do if someone offered to finance your “dream” but there were strings attached?

Former police office Jasmine “Jazz” Callender has to consider this question when a New York City law firm offers to back her private investigations agency. The catch: take on an unknown partner, Lucia Garza, and agree to handle any assignment delivered in a red envelope as top priority. Sounds pretty strange, doesn’t it?

Believe me, things are going to even more exciting as Jazz and Lucia discover that there are other people who oppose such a partnership. Add attorney James Borden into the mix and there are plenty of sparks and gunfire. The law firm and its mystery client know way too much about their lives, and daily activities (probably right down to the color of their underwear). Neither woman is comfortable with the idea that every movement is being monitored. Jazz has divided loyalties as she tries to exonerate her former partner, now doing time for murder, and who knows where James’ loyalties lie?

Devil’s Bargain grabs your attention from the start and blasts you through the non-stop action until the very last page. Ms. Caine has a crisp, clean writing style, well-suited for the fast pace. Her character development provides just enough information but not too much, allowing more to be revealed as the story goes along.

The Bombshell imprint has once again captured a solid talent with an addictive plot, guaranteed to keep readers scouring the shelves until the next book.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Paula.

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