by Kathryn Caskie

September 2005
ISBN: 0-446-61609-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Books
Mass Market Paperback

Meredith Merriweather knows the true meaning of humiliation from being jilted and left standing at the altar. Now she is determined that no lady will suffer as she had and decides to write a book, a guidebook of sorts on what to look out for in a man and how to spot a rake and all of his like, a mile away!

Lord Lansing, Alexander Lamont is the biggest rake of his time and the perfect subject to experiment on for her research for her guidebook. Little does Meredith realize that Alexander has reformed, not of his own doing; mind you, but reformed all the same. Now his only problem is to convince Meredith of this fact and then he can get on to the matter of convincing her of his true feelings.

Talk about star crossed! These two take the cake!! Meredith with her distrust of all things ‘rakish’ and Alexander with his goal of becoming ‘unrakish’, it’s a wonder they find love at all, but they do and what a time they have of it. You will love the way Ms. Caskie weaves us a tale that we will not want to put down. You will be so hooked by Meredith and Alexander, that you will be glued to the pages. Throw in some well meaning great-aunties and a pack of brothers who look so much alike, they couldn’t possibly be different men and you have a fun filled story that will warm your heart.

Happy reading!

Reviewed in October 2005 by Debbie.

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