by Janelle Taylor

November 2005
ISBN: 0-8217-7890-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Three years ago Ethan Black met up with William Sedgwick. The encounter was a huge turning point in Ethanís existence. He had it all, as a successful business man and one day while his wife was sitting in Central Park making baby booties, he lost the two most important things to him. The sad truth is he did not appreciate how much she and their child she was carrying meant to him until it was too late. Ethan not only held himself responsible but felt he had nothing left to live for. After spending some time with Mr. Sedgwick Ethan took his advice and got away from the big city of Manhattan and now lives in Maine where there are few people around him. That is until the day came when he would receive a letter requesting him to repay a favor.

Amanda Sedgwick has lost her job due to the health of her son, Tommy. Her boss had fired her because she has missed work or would have to leave early. Amanda receives a phone call from her father's lawyer informing her that she needs to be present for the reading of his will. William had died the night before and by her reaction the lawyer could tell she had not been informed of his death. Her relationship with her father, William, was not a loving one. Williamís idea of spending time with his children was two weeks each summer. Her half sisters, Olivia and Ivy will also be attending the reading. Each daughter will have to open an envelope on certain days and Amanda is to open hers on her birthday. Ivy and Oliviaís mothers are not happy that she gets to go first. Ivyís mother feels that she should be first for she is the only legitimate daughter of William Sedgwick. The lawyer is firm on how things are to be done. When she opens her envelope Amanda finds out she will have to live in Williamís brownstone for one month and follow silly rules. If Amanda does not comply she will have to leave. How will they know? Why, she will be watched, of course!

Amanda figures she can do what is asked of her by putting in her time. This will mean sitting on a certain couch for a certain amount of time each day and never look out a certain window. She must also never go into the master bedroom. One day, Tommy was getting very fussy so Amanda had to break one of the rules. She broke the rule and now only has two more chances before she could lose the brownstone. Ethan is Watching Amanda for that is the favor that was called in.

Now it seems as if Amandaís life is in danger. Someone has tried to kill her. The father of her child, Paul Swinwood, has reappeared for he wants to rekindle his relationship with Amanda and see his son. Could there another reason for his appearance? He walked out the day she told him she was expecting his child. Is he the one who put a pillow over her face? Could it be on of her half sisters? Will Amanda be able to stay in the brownstone or leave to keep herself and her son safe? Will Ethan be able to protect her as well as his heart?

Watching Amanda kept me wondering if the killer would succeed. Not only was this an emotional story but a romance of hidden love. I am hoping that Janelle Taylor continues this plot with Amandaís half sisters. I enjoyed this book to the very last page.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Theresa.

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