by Lexi Davis

October 2005
ISBN: 1416505253
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

A slice of ghoul, a pinch of fools and stir-in some dark humor - what comes out is something Pretty Evil

When Sunnie takes her three foolish and self-absorbed male friends to see a piece of property they are interested in, the sparks will fly. This rundown mansion used to be an brothel, if only those walls could talk! If they could, they would say, run for your life, because a bad ass she-devil named Vixx and her sidekick ghoul, Cre’p, owns this place. Their hundred-year sentence is just about up and Vixx will stop at nothing to keep the three hunks from inhabiting her place. If Vixx has to sex-them-up and kill them, so be it! Now Sunnie is another story, that girl has God and some special mojo on her side. Sunnie has moxie and game, so Vixx, bring it on…girlfriend!

Pretty Evil, is the debut novel, by Lexi Davis. From the moment you open this book, the characters are all over you! Ms. Davis has a cutting-edge voice that is saturated with sharp wit, originality and just plain down-home appeal. The premise screams of freshness and spectral humor! The dialogues and thought sequences are what make this story zing with life and are laugh-out-loud funny! Ms. Davis’ writing is vibrant – filled with spirit, love and realism. What will Ms. Davis come up with next? This reader can hardly wait!

Sunnie and her three friends Rice, Coach, and Geffen grew up together. Rice, is a successful author that hides behind his writing persona. Coach, a professional, but injured football player. Then there is Geffen, a sharp-dressing businessman. What do these three men all have in common, other than Sunnie, they all need to grow-up and get the sinning out of their lives. Sunnie’s three male friends might be self-absorbed nincompoops, but to them, she is their “amira,” (in Swahilli it means princess).

Now if Sunnie can just get the fear of God into these fools and change their womanizing ways, her job is done – well almost. Sunnie is touched – no not crazy, but she has a gift and just knows things. Can Sunnie keep these three stud-muffins from Vixx’s clutches? Will she be able to redeem her friends? Sunnie’s faith will be sorely tested, her friendships will be on the line and much more…

If you are looking for a hilarious paranormal, then look no further! Pretty Evil fits the bill! Get your copy when it hits the shelves October 11, 2005!

Reviewed in September 2005 by Janalee.

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