by Sarah Gabriel

November 2005
ISBN: 0-06-073610-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Avon Books
Mass Market Paperback

Scotland, October 1728

The English soldiers call her “Katie Hell”, a Scottish siren that lures men into her open arms, and when they fall prey to her seduction, they give up their military secrets to her. In truth, she is Kate MacCarren fighting with her clan for the Jacobite cause. Using her fairy magic that she inherited from an ancestor, Kate just turns on the charm, and men fall at her feet, that is until she tries her wiles on Captain Alec Fraser.

Highland born British army captain Alexander Fraser cannot believe that the notorious spy “Katie Hell” has literally fallen into his bed! Kate is unwilling to divulge her secrets to Alec, even though his kisses are unlike any she has ever experienced with other victims of her enchanted powers. With Alec, it is different, and Kate is falling hard for the Redcoat! Kate must escape the Captain before it is too late. According to MacCarren legend if one who possesses fairy magic falls in love with someone who does not return the feelings, they doom their clan to certain disaster. Kate knows her clan and all the Highlanders who fight for the Jacobite cause are depending on her. Even if Kate can escape Alec, she knows that in her heart she will never be free of him.

KEEPING KATE is the sequel to STEALING SOPHIE and the sophomore release by author Sarah Gabriel. I had not read the first MacCarren sister’s story, and KEEPING KATE could stand on its own. However, after a promising start, I found myself struggling to plod through this book. It lost me quickly. The characters are all one dimensional, and not endearing. Kate gets exactly what she is asking for by trying to play with fire in an officer’s tent. Using her hidden talents for seduction should be a signal even to an innocent that eventually you are going to land in deep trouble! Alec is too complicated for my tastes, and his constant pursuit of the ever-escaping Kate should be a signal to him and us to give up!

Reviewed in November 2005 by Bonnie.

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