by Mary Campisi

March 2002
ISBN: 0-8217-7280-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Zebra Books
Mass Market Paperback

Matt Brandon is a celebrated writer and has everything in the world until he loses his eyesight after a skiing accident. He secludes himself in his home for seven months in California and refuses to face the world. His brother, Adam, is staying with him and employs a few psychologists to help Matt adjust to his new condition. Matt is not co-operating and only wants his best friend, psychologist Jeff Sanders, to fly from Pittsburgh to help him.

Unfortunately, Jeff's wife is having complications in her pregnancy and he cannot leave, but sends his friend and colleague, Sara Hamilton, to help Matt until he can come himself. Sara doesn't want to go but she cannot refuse a friend like Jeff who has helped her to get over her painful emotional past (her ex-husband left her during her pregnancy and she lost her baby).

Matt refuses Sara's help and tries his best to send her away. Sara is crushed by his behaviour and his cruel remarks but she refuses to leave until Jeff arrives.

Paradise Found is a women's fiction that blends deep emotions of pain and love. The story is compassionate and full of wonderful characters.

Sara Hamilton is not like any of Matthew Brandon's women. She is plain, old-fashioned, ordinary but beautiful in her own way where all of Matthew's bimbos are gorgeous, blonde with a killer figure. Her painful past makes her build a wall around her heart and she doesn't want to get involved with anyone, especially Matt, who she thinks is more or less like her ex-husband.

Matthew Brandon is rich, handsome and every woman's dream. His blindness made him into a very different person. Without his sight, he must see with his heart and discovers the real woman he wants for his life. He never planned to marry or commit to anyone until Sara.

When reading through Paradise Found, readers can actually feel the pain and hurt like it is their own. The story may be a little melodramatic but if you enjoy a good story with strong emotions and don't mind shedding tears; it is the perfect story for you.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Rose.

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