by Beverly Jenkins

November 2005
ISBN: 0-06-081593-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Harper Books
Mass Market Paperback

When Mayor Drake Randolph’s driver, Burton, has an accident on a major interstate highway, Drake has no clue how this would change his life. Drake has asked his Uncle Burton to slow down several times. The winter weather on the freeways in Detroit can become icy and slippery fast. After this accident Burton was given his walking papers.

Lucy Green was in the ditch with a possible broken ankle, a headache and a very sore neck. Due to Burton’s reckless driving he has caused Ms. Green to run off the road. When the Mayor checked her over he said she really should go to the hospital. Drake is not only the Mayor of Detroit but he is also a medical doctor. Getting the best of care for Ms. Green, he called on his friend and colleague to take care of her. Her ankle was not broken but very badly bruised and yes she would hurt all over tomorrow so a few days rest is just what she will need. So Lucy was given some pain medication and the Mayor gives her a ride home. As for her car, well it was only going one place and that was the local junk yard.

Ms. Green is an only child to a well known and famous artist Valerie Garner Green and the postal worker Martin Green. At one time she was also known as Mrs. Wilton Cox but she has put her marriage as well as her ex-husband behind her and is building new dreams. She is hoping to get the support of the City Council as well as the Mayor to bring back the Toxic Waste Program.

Lucy makes enemies before she even starts. City Councilman, Reynard Parker, does not like her plans at all. He thinks it is a waste of money. What he is not saying is it will make it hard for him to run his business. Basically he has a trash business and will cheat any way he can to save money. Murder is not out of question for him. He does not do the dirty work but is behind the disappearance of a federal witness as well as others. Will his hired help get to Lucy?

Mayor Randolph and Lucy are smitten with each other. Drake has a secret that he is afraid to share with Lucy. They are falling in love and he is afraid once she finds out he is a part of NIA, which means “purpose” if spoken in Swahili. His fear is she may not understand why he is part of this group and will not see him anymore. The purpose of NIA is to clean up Detroit but they have never been caught. The citizens of Detroit have no trouble with whoever these people are. The streets are getting safer every time they make a move. But will Drake take and chance and tell Lucy about NIA?

With Drake being so sought after by the press will he and Lucy have a chance? Also will Councilman Parker want her dead? If so who will protect her?

I loved Black Lace! Beverly Jenkins not only has a great romantic suspense that will keep you turning the pages. I enjoyed reading about my home town. This is a keeper.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Theresa.

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