by Karin Gillespie

August 2005
ISBN: 0743250117
Reviewer Graphic Button Simon and Schuster

Chiffon Butrell peed her pants when she saw her husband on the television. He was portrayed as the love interest of a popular actress. It all went downhill from there.

When Chiffon won a trip to Hollywood she was excited to be leaving Cayboo Creek. This was something she’d been training her whole life for: glamour. The night before she and her husband were scheduled to leave their baby came down sick. Chiffon told Lonnie to go on without her. Lonnie’s faithlessness was a thorn in her side. One she’d dealt with since the beginning of their marriage. Sending Lonnie on his own to the make-believe world of celebrities was mistake number one.

Chiffon quits her job when she is treated badly by her superior. She didn’t panic, however. Lonnie’s paycheck from the Nutra-Sweet plant would do until her husband returned. Upon discovering that Lonnie had his check forwarded to California, Chiffon figures it is time to stress. Her self-absorbed mother could not be counted on beyond loaning a few bucks now and then. Getting another job did not prove difficult. Not losing her cool when she encounters an ex-lover of Lonnie’s, however was very difficult. Making a bad day worse, Chiffon slips in a puddle of Wesson oil at the local Winn-Dixie and injures herself. She has no choice but to allow her mother to call on sister Chenille to help take care of Chiffon and her family. Mistake number two.

Chiffon decides to take on the actress ruining her family life. She learns for herself just how cutthroat Hollywood can be to a small town girl. Surely it had to start getting better. Don’t be willing to bet your bottom dollar, Chiffon.

The ladies of the Bottom Dollar Emporium are back in Karin Gillespie’s second novel, A Dollar Short. Fans of Gillespie will be reunited with the familiar characters they grew to love in the first book. Newcomers undoubtedly will rush out to buy Bet Your Bottom Dollar. The irresistible characters and the lives they lead compel the reader to continue turning the pages.

A Dollar Short is not a romance novel. It is a story of forgiveness, reparation, self-discovery and making it through the seasons of life with a little help from your friends.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Rho.

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