by Joan Medlicott

November 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-9921-2
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In the sixth book of the beloved series, The Ladies of Covington, we are introduced to the new pastor Denny Ledbetter. He was asked by the aging Pastor Johnson to come and assist him in his church duties at the Cove Road Community Church. Pastor Ledbetter’s problems are just starting when he uncovers a letter stating the minister from 40 years ago was never ordained, which means the five couples he married are not legally married! What was he to do? He knew he had to tell the people involved, but he was new in town. Who could help him with this dilemma?

Finding the unsigned marriage certificates was the first of many problems to befall the church, there had been a fire a number of years ago. No amount of scrubbing by the church women could get rid of the smell of smoke. There was no money in the account for paint. The floorboards were warped, and the biggest problem, the furnace in the church was on its last leg. With winter approaching, they needed to come up with a miracle and fast.

Grace Singleton was the first person to find out about the bogus marriages of the five couples. She knew all five couples. She mentioned to the Pastor she would be more than happy to be with him when he told the couples the news. After they met with the people involved, it was decided to have the weddings at the church on Christmas Eve. Grace and her housemates agreed to help plan the weddings. Would they be able to pull it off? Would every one agree? Would they be able to pull off five weddings and a church service in a church which had barely any heat?

If you have read any of Joan Medlicott’s books, you will not be disappointed in A Covington Christmas. Grace and her friends are lovely as always. People respect them and their ideas. I really liked the new pastor, he reminded me of the minister in my church. He was level-headed and he truly believed God would provide a miracle. This is a must read. I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Pat.

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