by Denise A. Agnew

ISBN: 0-7599-0000-0
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With a turn of the page, Denise Agnew’s story captured my attention and refused to let go. The story starts with the hero, Shane O’Donnell, watching the heroine as she digs for artifacts to prove that a historical figure lived in the area.

Emma Baker is a globetrotting archeologist who landed a job to look for proof that Sadie Cutley, a local legend, lived on the land that now lies on the border between Shane’s land and his uncle’s. But there’s also a rumor that Sadie had a treasure. And that brings greedy men out of the woodwork trying to endanger the dig that Emma is working hard on - and it's bringing up a past that Shane would rather forget.

The suspense wasn’t grade-A in the book. It was rather easy to figure out who was doing what. But the snappy no nonsense dialogue and descriptions reminded me of early Elizabeth Lowell. However, I would’ve liked it if Emma had been a little bit deeper, and perhaps more of a heroine instead of such a passive character. Shane was a good hero, but I didn’t like when he kept giving off bits of information to Emma early in the book - I would’ve liked it better if Ms. Agnew had drawn it out just a bit more.

The side characters, though there weren’t many, were realistic and likeable, or unlikeable, depending on which one you’re reading about. The resolution of the story and the villain behind the evildoings were rather obvious as well.

On the upside, and why I gave this book its score, was the fact that the dialogue and story moved right along in the story. I was never left wishing that it would just get on with it.

I would definitely recommend this story to anyone looking for a good book!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Lucy.

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