by Robin Danner

July 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-135-8
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Audrey St. John and Braedon Grey have been the best of friends forever. When Audrey was eleven, she came up with the idea called The Game. Audrey wanted to show Braedon that she could be just as good, as any male doing the same things. To say Audrey is competitive would be an understatement. After winning one of their so-called Games of racing down the streets of London in curricles, Audrey hatches the ultimate forfeit for Braedon. Audrey wants Braedon to take her to a brothel and introduce her to the nuances of sexual pleasuring. Audrey better be careful, because while there, a stranger overhears her arguing with Braedon and now the rules of The Game have just changed!

Robin Danner captures all the right nuances in this erotic historical to keep the heated tensions taunt and this reader riveted to the story. The premise is wonderfully fresh and explicitly delivered. Ms. Danner has penned a delightfully naughty historical that displays her talent to create a memorable tale in lusty prepositions! The dialogue and thought sequences between the characters are carefully developed, with clearly blended forethought.

Audrey has always had a mind of her own and way of doing things. When she starts to show sexual interests in Braedon, he is a little taken back on how to handle her. Braedon has similar feelings toward Audrey, but has never once acted upon them. He would not want to break the trust Audrey’s father has entrusted him with. Braedon just can not find the will to resisted Audrey nor can he fight the amorous passions that ignite between them. Will this change the way they feel toward each other or will another man tempt the fiery Audrey and whisk her away?

This eminently erotic historical is sure to entertain and enthrall any lover of this genre. If you are looking for a good book, then look no further! Get your copy of The Game Of Desire by Robin Danner now!

Reviewed in July 2005 by Janalee.

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