by Constance O`Day-Flannery

September 2005
ISBN: 0-765-32102-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Tor Books
Mass Market Paperback

Deborah Stark must come face to face with the Colliding Forces of her past and her ambitions for the future after her mother dies suddenly right before Thanksgiving. She has no close relatives to help her deal with her grief and guilt, as her father had abandoned them years ago. D., as Deborah is known to her friends, finds help from an unlikely source. D. has a whirlwind fling with the handsome Italian, Marcus Bocelli, after her close friend Maggie's wedding. She has no plans to see him again once she returns to her high pressure newscaster job. Imagine her surprise when Marcus shows up unannounced at her childhood home in New Jersey. D. realizes quickly there is something quite different about Marcus.

Marcus does have his share of secrets, but he may have to share some with Deborah to protect her. He has always been careful to shield his own heart, as he is fearful of getting too close to people in his line of work. Will he and D. be able to help each other tear down the barriers they have built around their deepest emotions?

Colliding Forces has a paranormal twist, but it is a tale that will resonate with all readers. The author looks with unflinching honesty at how people are shaped by the hurts and shames of the past. There is an underlying message, too, of how support and encouragement can give the hopeless and downtrodden new motivation to look to a brighter future. Love is explored on many levels. The relationship between Marcus and Deborah is spicy, but tender. Rich in detail and emotionally charged, this novel is sure to satisfy the author's long-time fans and win new ones.

Reviewed in February 2006 by Roberta.

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