by Stella Cameron

February 1998
ISBN: 0-8217-5369-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Kensington Publishing
Mass Market Paperback

If you like stunning suspense and a sexy hero, youíve found the right place.

Fifteen years ago, Sebastian Plato fell in love with Bliss Winters, the one girl he couldnít have. Bliss and Sebastian became closer until he finally proposed. When Bliss was waiting for Sebastian to show up, his sister did, instead. Sebastian had married another woman.

Now Bliss Winters is at odds with her family and running her own business with two friends who really spiced up the plot.

But Sebastian, now divorced and powerful in the fashion industry, is back in town to set some wrongs right - starting with Bliss. But Bliss is hesitant to start anything with Sebastian, because she still doesnít have any answers as to why heíd marry another woman. But Bliss isnít the only thing he has to correct. His reputation isnít right, either. And heís determined to change that.

As the romance between Sebastian and Bliss rekindles, a murder is discovered. People are divided between their loyalties, each having their own agenda. The suspense was spellbinding, making me turn page after page until Iíd finished the story.

Cameron has done a stellar job of writing in the past, and this book was no exception. The descriptions of the characters and settings were so real I felt pulled into another world. The characters were realistic, the dialogue and actions quick and breathtaking. Itís a steamy romance, with scene after scene of breathtaking heat, and some down and dirty sex between other characters.

I do recommend this book, but I warn you that this is a book you wonít be able to put down. So make sure youíve got plenty of time on your hands before you start.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Lucy.

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