by Camille Anthony

July 2005
ISBN: 1-59596-208-5
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“Twins” Jonathan (Jon) and Jason Corelli asked a sorcerer to be assured of long lives. What the sorcerer did wasn’t quite what they had expected. However, they have the long lives they wanted…and no one to spend it with! Hopefully the sorcerer will help them with that predicament.

Michelle (Chelle) Rios is a workaholic whose health is deteriorating. She has been instructed by her doctor to take it easy. When her business partners get wind of this, they lock her out of her office and tell her she has two options: either she can have her aunt move in with her or she can take a two-week vacation to Chimera Island. Faced with only those options, she decides the trip to the island isn’t such a bad idea, especially when she finds out that her two favorite chefs now run the restaurants on the island!

Jon and Jason are excited to meet Chelle since she is their Mate but she doesn’t know that……yet! They want to get to know her by wining and dining her, while showing her the island!!! She falls in love, as they intended, but they have a story to tell her and they are honest enough to want to tell her before any of them get any more involved. What will Chelle do when she hears the story – stay or run?? Read this book and find out!!!

Agency of Extraordinary Mates: Dinner for Three by Camille Anthony is a book that will not disappoint!! The heat builds and builds until the explosive end!! By the end of the book, Michelle is tested over and over again, luckily passing every one with flying colors! A full figured heroine, two yummy heroes, a shape-shifter and a vamp add up to one of the most unusual, yet interesting books I’ve read! Congrats, Ms. Anthony!!!

Reviewed in January 2006 by PamL.

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