by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

August 2005
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All Davan Shanahan wanted was to be assigned to a ship that was going to the warfront. Being a doctor and saving lives was her calling in life. But to find out that her new assignment wasnít to the warfront but to the floating brothel called the Foehn was not on Davanís list of places to go. Now her day, frizzy hair and all just went from bad, to worse. Having to depart immediately, Davan is given some time, although not a lot, to bring her anger under control before she has to meet with the captain of the flying cathouse itself. And it is not until she lands that Davan finds out that the captain is none other than Cair Ghrain, a Deathwielder knows as The Black Sun, and Prince of Amhantar.

Cair canít stand his post as the captain of the Foehn, knowing that the only reason he was assigned to the brothel was because his mother was angry that he wouldnít marry one of the twits that she wanted him to. He was a scythelord, one of the most feared warriors of the galaxy, and now he was captaining a whorehouse. And to top off matters, coming off of a drinking binge he learns that there is a new doctor on board, a female doctor that has the girls of the Foehn up in arms. Deciding to take a few layers off the doctor, Cair orders her to his chambers, and learns that his mother is up to her old tricks again.

Having Davan assigned to the Foehn was Cairís motherís idea, and not because of Davanís skills as a doctor, but because Davan is the granddaughter to one of the women that was at one time the Queenís friend, Cat McGregor. Now Cair knows of the setup and is determined that he will not fall into his mothers trap. Unfortunately for him, fate has its own hand in the mix now, and neither Davan nor Cair have any say in the matter.

Pleasureís Foehn was an absolute blast to read. I laughed myself silly as the pranks and the reactions to some of the scenes. Charlotte Boyett-Compo is a wonder when it comes to stories. There are so many interesting twists and turns to her stories. This story also contains Reapers, but in a whole other context. Another must buy for readers.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Angel.

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