by Stella Cameron

June 2001
ISBN: 0-8217-6816-6
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Mass Market Paperback

Detective Aiden Flynn of the NYPD is a simple man who envies his neighbor’s orchids. The neighbor, Detective Ryan Hill, is out of town and has asked Aiden to look after the orchids as a favor. Aiden agreed and that’s when we meet our hero. He’s looking at the orchids when the computer catches his attention.

Driven by curiosity, Aiden reads Ryan’s e-mail and finds that Ryan has been up to an intrigue that sucks both Aiden and the reader into.

Olivia Fitzduram, a London photographer, is part of the intrigue. Most of the e-mails were from her, talking to Ryan, who’d used an alias, about how someone was after her. Ryan had talked Olivia into coming to the States to keep the negatives of some photos she had taken. Apparently, someone wants those prints.

But Aiden, instead of Ryan, meet’s Olivia’s flight after a woman looking like Olivia was nearly killed in England. The door opens and out comes tons of mystery and intrigue. The story was so fast paced I was left gulping breath after putting it down!

Aiden was first introduced in Key West, with his vast collection of cars, which included a mint condition 1967 Mustang, which just happened to be pink. I have heard many people wanted to read a book about him, probably because a man in possession of such a car and loving it could only be interesting, right? Well, Aiden, when first introduced, seemed to me like the villain, because I hadn’t read Key West. Once I got past that and analyzed the character, I found that he wasn’t so bad, after all.

I really like Olivia, as well, with her calm manner and very elegant manners, she reminded me of someone from Cameron’s historical novels.

The part that was lacking in the story, however, was the villains. The reader knows who they are, and what they are, as well. But something about them just lacked the cunning that I would think someone dealing in the art theft world would have.

But it is an enjoyable read, and I recommend this to take to the beach, as its easy to put down, and even easier to pick back up.

Reviewed in June 2002 by Lucy.

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