by Shiloh Walker, Rachel Bo, Bonnie Hamre

July 2005
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Nebulous – Shiloh Walker

Nebulous brings back Azar, the incubus that tried to seduce Jenai in the story Back from Hell. Azar is tired of his demon existence, but he knows that there is no way for him to return to the world that he once inhabited. He doesn’t want to take women and make them want him just so they can turn into shades. What he does want he knows that he can never have again, his lost wife, Caoilinn.

Kerrigan Brody is having dreams of a time and a place that she has never been. Dreams of a tall, powerful man, and the one woman that made his life complete. Dreams that begin with a hunger that knows no relief and ends with terror coursing through her veins. Deciding to take the dreams in hand, Kerrigan journeys to Ireland and reads about the legend of The Spirit of the Cliffs, a warrior that spent his life fighting demons until one seduced his wife. His wife in turn threw herself from the cliffs, never believing that her husband would forgive her for the transgression that she had committed. This made Finn’s rage and pain split his very lifeforce and turned him into the very thing that had ruined his life, a demon incubus. But not everything in hell is as it seems, and even the path that has been chosen for you can be undone, if the feelings inside you are strong enough.

Into the Green – Rachel Bo

Tawny Blackwood knows that she has a special gift, and it is finally time for her to use it to save the world. The Brazilian rainforest is dying, and without it, so will the world. Engaging conservationist Kaniwa Tijani, her former lover, and one of the two men that she loves, into the mix has started a chain reaction that can not be undone. The Green Man, whom Tawny calls Forrest, is the other man and the one being that will help in aiding with this quest. Forrest also knows that it is only with the help of the three of them that the earth will be saved, and that none of them will ever be the same again.

El Trauco – Bonnie Hamre

If you are a virgin and enter into the woods of Chiloé, beware El Trauco. He is a creature of myth that will hit the tique tree three times to show that he wants the virgins. He seduces them, and then when they wake their clothing is disordered. All the women know is that El Trauco is gone. Then after nine months, a baby is born, proof that the myth of El Trauco is real.

Isabel O’Shaughnessy knows that she has nothing to worry about, as she is not a virgin, but she is still intrigued by the myth of El Trauco. Even though her aunt warned her not to go into the woods, Isabel decides to find out if the myth is true. And to her amazement it is, but not in the way that she believes. El Trauco is not what she thought he was, but so much more. Living her own fairy tale, Isabel spends a magical time in his arms, only to be abandoned by her legendary lover. Will she be able to make him understand that loving her is his destiny, or will her fairy tale not end so happily ever after?

I have to admit that I was disappointed in this anthology. The premise of the stories were very good, but not all of them were carried out very well. The stories are well written, but they lacked the impact that a reader expects from these authors.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Angel.