by Gail Faulkner

July 2005
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Lauren knows that overcoming a disastrous accident and a heart transplant would make any woman stronger. And she also knows that she is definitely going to need that strength in order to survive visiting the ranch of her friendís cousins. What she didnít expect, until Carla decided to tell her, was that she was just the type of woman that her cousin Romeo went for. Maybe he is just what sheís looking for to indulge in her first act of wildness.

When Romeo spots Lauren he knows that his bachelor days are coming to an end. Not only is she the sexiest thing that he has seen, but she brings out his protectiveness with her vulnerability. Now he has a weekend to break through Laurenís resolve that no protective man will claim her, and make her understand that this cowboy isnít interested in just the ride, but the whole shebang.

OMG! If you want steam than Romeo is the story for you. Romeo and Lauren generate enough smoke that not only will your windows steam up, but your furniture may very well catch on fire from the explosion that you know is going to be coming. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story. Not only did it appeal that my carnal imagination with its steaminess, but it had some of the best scenes that I have read.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Angel.

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