by Chris Tanglen and Michele R. Bradsley

July 2005
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Redial 1-800-SEX4YOU is the place to have your fantasy sex with the ability to walk away with no consequence. You are required to fill out paperwork so that they can match you with an anonymous person. One who has the same desires and wants as you. It is not necessary to share your name once you are in your room, but if you like you may do so. There are half hoods or scarves to place over your eyes to hide just what you may look like. It is just the place that both Drae and Kevin need.

Three years ago Kevin lost his wife, Tara to cancer. To help him cope he became Super Dad. Dating is not even a thought to him. As an early birthday gift his wife’s best friend and husband set up a night of whatever his wants or needs are. They will keep his children overnight. It's time for Kevin to have some fun and with some influence he will go. It could be just what his body needs. There is no reason for him not to go and have some fun. Now Kevin will wait for a night of hot sex behind the red door.

Drae feels every relationship she’s had has been bad luck. Some good sex but by going here she can have great sex, she hopes, and can walk away. Dressed to knock any man off his feet she is ready to go. Taken by limo, her one friend let her use, Drae is dropped off and shown a red door. That is her room for the night. Nervous she enters and sees this man with nothing on but a hood.

Will they share their names with each other? What type of fantasy are they going to play out behind the red door? What about the hoods? Will they take them off or keep a part of themselves hidden? Is there life after Redial 1-800 SEX4YOU? Will they decide they want to see each other again?

Chris Tanglen and Michele R. Bardsley not only filled this book with hot sex but some humor. I enjoyed how each chapter was in each characters own thoughts and ideas. I hope there are more fantasies to come from this house of business.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Theresa.