by Sable Grey

July 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-159-5
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Victoria Olson is a desperate woman on the run. Having grown tired of the abuse at the hand of her husband Vi fights back and without really meaning to kill, she stabs her husband. She panics and leaves him lying in his own blood.

Viís sister, Maggie has a solution. She has been corresponding with a man in Wyoming. Maggie has secretly arranged to travel to Ben Bullockís ranch and marry him. Now, in light of her sisterís situation, Maggie gives the traveling money to Vi and sends her to Ben instead. Vi agrees to go because she is afraid of being hung. That leaves Maggie in St. Louis to talk to the Sheriff whom she has had feelings for but gave up on anything ever coming from it. Maggie is oblivious to Johnís reciprocating feelings.

Ben Bullock was shot and killed before Vi reached Wyoming. Matt, still grieving for his brother, is not willing to take on a woman at the ranch. He canít very well leave her stranded so he allows her to spend the night. Vi has other plans. She has nowhere else to go so she has to convince Matt to allow her to stay. Vi decides to seduce Matt into marrying her. Matt is on to her ploy. When seduction plans fall flat and the coy act doesnít work, Vi resorts to begging. The Ďhonorableí Matt sees an advantage. He gives her two weeks and in that time she will do anything. Whenever. Wherever.

When Vi reveals the ugly facts to Matt concerning her dead husband he reacts with compassion and understanding. Even so, he holds her to their two-week deal. In the meantime, Maggie and John set out to find Vi. On the journey, they have plenty of time to get to know one another better. Both are surprised to find they have been harboring romantic feelings. Now, all John has to do is convince Maggie to let this Ben fellow down easily.

When Viís two weeks are over, Matt canít let her go. He wants her to stay on at the ranch and before he knows it Matt has fallen for this nothing-but-trouble woman. Matt is as stubborn as the bull Vi compares him to. Nothing will satisfy him except she agrees to be his wife. What they donít know is that Vi and Mattís world is about to crumble around their feet. What will happen to their newfound love when a dead man shows up on the front porch?

The Nothing But Trouble Bride by Sable Grey is an interesting story. It does have some holes in it. For example, Viís guilty conscious quickly dissipates upon meeting the handsome Matt Bullock. She openly flirts and teases him in order to convince him to take his brotherís place. Not at all in keeping with the character of an abused woman. Continuity is a bit of a problem as well. In one paragraph, Matt says he gives Vi one month. A few paragraphs down it is two weeks. Having said this, I still believe The Nothing But Trouble Bride has potential. I think it needs to be filled out in places with more information for the reader. Plot-wise, there is nothing new in Vi and Mattís story. Nevertheless, there is something there that makes the reader want to keep reading.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Rho.

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