by Rae Monet, Jodi Lynn Copeland

July 2005
ISBN: 1-59578-145-5
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Although short in content, both stories in The Zodiac Leo collection pack a powerful punch with deep emotions and sizzling erotica. Tied together, the stories leave the reader with the amorous warning: Watch out for those sexy French Leos!

In Chantilly’s Lace by Rae Monet, we meet Chandra at a serious crossroads in her life and career. Her boyfriend of three years has just left her, and her lingerie business “Chantilly’s Lace” is about to go bankrupt. Chandra is feeling desperate. Impulsively following the coaxing of her Gemini horoscope, she goes to a bar determined to seduce a sexy Leo and have a one night stand. Meeting sexier-than-should-be-allowed Scott, Chandra spends a night of erotic love making beyond her wildest expectations. But a one night stand was all they agreed to, and Chandra leaves the next morning. Three months later neither Chandra or Scott are able to forget each other. When a twist of fate brings together multi-millionaire business owner Frederick Chase with Chandra, both their lives change forever.

In Eve’s Interlude by Jodi Lynn Copeland, readers return back to the bar where Chandra and Scott met. Eve Jameson finds her life in a rut when her brother demands she marry a man she doesn’t love or he’ll take away her ownership of the bar (“Eve’s Interlude”). Desperate and feeling trapped, Eve is primed and ready for the sexy man she believes to be Scott to come waltzing back into her life and offer her a one night stand. Unable to resist his sex appeal, Eve agrees and the couple goes to his room. What follows is a twist of fate that neither of them can fight against, and an attraction that ultimately reaches beyond just physical need.

Scorching and fast paced, both stories are great reads and will no doubt leave readers looking for other books by the authors.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Kari.