by Charlotte Featherstone

March 2005
ISBN: 1-58608-373-2
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A deliciously arousing story of one woman’s sensual journey of self-discovery in a world in which sexual pleasuring is empowering!

London, 1780. Lady Jane Westbury has had her eye on the rakish Gavin Reynolds, Viscount Grayson, from the moment she first noticed him. Jane’s sexually unfulfilling marriage to the late Lord Westbury has left her with many self-doubts. Lady Jane will seek-out help from the unequivocal pleasure-master himself, Lord Gavin. She wants him to teach her what a potential husband would desire in the bedroom. Lord Gavin is a titled half-breed bastard who is known far and wide for his sexual indulgences. This wicked lord of carnal extravagances is sought out by all the highbred ladies of the ton, for his ability to out-perform sexually with exuberant zest!

Tutoring Lady Jane is by Charlotte Featherstone. What an exquisite example of the power of sensual pleasure Ms. Featherstone has penned! The premise flows smoothly and is flawless. Ms. Featherstone’s development of the characters in this story is magnificent and finely detailed. The characters evoke deep feelings of raw emotional lust. The dialogue and thought sequences blend seamlessly and with artistic flair. This reader connected to this book effortlessly and was immersed into an irrestible world of pleasures and desires. Tutoring Lady Jane is a beautiful testament of human sexuality. Ms. Featherstone inspires the reader to keep the pages in perpetual motion.

You will fall in love with Gavin’s physical attributes and sensual nature. He will introduce Lady Jane to all the sensual foreplay and nuances one expects in a finely tuned lover. Gavin plays to all of Lady Jane’s carnal senses and feminine willies, like a finely tuned instrument of sex. He will strip Jane down, only to build her back up again into a sexual goddess. Gavin makes Lady Jane feel sexy and beautiful, even with her full-figured physique and imperfections. Lady Jane has plans of her own that will come into play and if Gavin is not careful, he might find himself a slave to his own creation!

This book was a dream to read! This reader will be looking forward to reading more of Ms. Featherstone’s work in the future. If you are looking for an exceptionally written, erotic historical book, then look no further. This is a must read for 2005 and a keeper for this reader.

Do not hesitate to pick-up your copy today of Tutoring Lady Jane by Charlotte Featherstone! It comes highly recommended by this reviewer!

Reviewed in July 2005 by Janalee.

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