by Morgana de Winter

July 2005
ISBN: 1-58608-546-8
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When all of a fatherís daughters, but one, are taken by supernaturals, a father will do anything to keep the remaining one safe. Even lock her away in a tower. Adriana Bordeaux is one such daughter. Locked away in a tower by her father, all Adriana can think of is release. Longing to find the love that her sisters have found, even though they found it with supernatural beings, Adriana despairs in her loneliness until the day that her father doesnít check the books that he brings to her more carefully. Nestled within the stack of books brought to her is a tale of legends. One such legend is of the Guardian of Dreams, Morpheus.

If a woman pure in every way calls to the Morpheus, he will grant her her hearts desire. Adrianaís desire is to be free of her prison and to find the man that will be her husband. Unfortunately for her, Morpheus does not want to be called. Content in his solitude away from the mortal world, Morpheus is furious that someone has called to him after so long a time. Determined to teach this female a lesson, Morpheus decides that instead of granting her wish, he will bring her most terrifying dreams to life. Yet that is just not going to happen.

Fate has taken its own hand in Adrianaís future. Delving into her mind and bring her fear may have been what Morpheus started to do, but Adriana quickly takes the dreams over and seduces Morpheus with her uninhibited response to his aggressive sexuality. Adriana has never known anyone or anything like Morpheus. He brings her body and heart to life in ways that she never imagined possible, that is until she learned of a new legend. If Morpheus falls in love with a mortal, he will perish. Determined that she will not be his downfall, Adriana steals away from her home in the night with aid of friend of her sisterís husband. Morpheus will not let her go, and steals her away to his home. Will she be able to prove the legend wrong, or will her very fear destroy the only man that she has ever loved?

Dark as Wine is the stunning conclusion to Morgana de Winterís sizzling Bordeaux Sister Trilogy. Filled with as much pain and despair as love and happiness, Dark as Wine eclipses the previous stories in this trilogy. I have been waiting for this story to come out for a long time, and it did not disappoint me in any way. From the first page I was hooked, and devoured the story in no time. A definite must buy for anyone that likes a good paranormal with lots of steamy scenes.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Angel.

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