by Lisa Cach

September 2005
ISBN: 0-7434-7089-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Mass Market Paperback

Lisa Cach has done it again. Taking a known fairy tale and putting her spin to it. Cinderella for the Chick Lit generation.

Katy Orville is unemployed and unhappy. In Ophra she finds her guidance counsellor. Packing her bags she is travelling to London to catch herself a prince charming and live in a castle happily ever after. However, already her living quarters are not what she expected and the first man she meets and feels attracted to is a farmer. And not even a very successful one at that. Will Eland of course is more than just a farmer. Even though he might not dress and act the part he is a Duke with his own estate.

Katy might not have a clue where to begin her search for her prince, but with the help of a new friend she finds herself decked out in borrowed designer clothes, attending exclusive clubs, society house parties and the races at Ascot. And all the while Katy canít forget her farmer. Will is intrigued and disappointed when he, like the rest of London, believes her to be an American heiress looking to catch herself a titled husband. But with a little bit of magic and a fairy godmother a happy ending is guaranteed.

Lisa Cachís Have Glass Slipper, Will Travel takes the reader on a tour of London with its many sights. Itís Paddington Station where Katy meets her first society matron, Selfridges where she gets her clothes from and in Kensington Garden she finds magic. Itís a modern fairy tale with charming characters and witty dialogues. It might just have some readers packing their bags and booking their ticket for a flight to London.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Kris Alice.

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