by Leanne Burroughs

September 2005
ISBN: 0-9770107-9-1
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Duncan MacThomas did not take his fatherís news well. His stubbornness and pride revolt at the mere idea of succumbing to the old manís wishes. Duncan remains bitter over his fatherís lack of involvement in his childhood. Now, the man tries to force duty on Duncan, duty to the Clan MacThomaidh. Duncan will one day be chieftain and so his obligation lies in marrying and producing an heir. It seems, at the bidding of King Edward, a marriage contract has already been drafted. Duncan will marry, like it or not. He did not know that more than a bride awaits him in London.

Catherine Gillingham is as thrilled with the kingís edict as Duncan is. She starts to regret her reluctance to choose from her many English suitors for now she must marry a Scot. Then she sees him. He is the handsomest man Catherine has ever seen. It is easy to get lost in the endless depths of his blue eyes. This is the man she has to marry? Catherine can't help but desire to run her fingers through his dark hair. He is incredible. She is mesmerized...until he opens his mouth. Right then and there Catherine decides that her new husband is an arrogant, horrible man. There is only one thing for her to do. She girds her loins for battle. If this is the way her husband wants it, then so be it. Duncan MacThomas has no idea who he is dealing with.

Scotland is fighting for independence. The English King Edward bends people to his will and to his every whim. Duncan, a strong hero, has his own demons to conquer. Added to them are a wife he thinks he doesnít want, except in his bed, a daughter, and a country to defend. Clan and country demand protection. Duncan believes he is alone with his burdens. To his amazement he finds in Catherine a kindred spirit and peace in the arms of his lady wife. Additionally, Catherine knows she is right where she is supposed to be and where she wants to be - forever at the side of Duncan MacThomas.

Ms. Burroughs has created an effecting tale of the inspiring force of love. Set during a turbulent time in medieval Scotland, the author manages to bring joy and hope to the story. The heroine, Catherine is a lady in every since of the word. She is loving and gentle, but strong and steadfast as well. Step back in time and experience for yourself the wonder of medieval Scotland and the author who brings it to life. Her Highland Rogue is the sequel to Highland Wishes. I havenít read the first book, although I fully intend to now that Iíve read its enjoyable sequel.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Rho.

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