by Anthology

August 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21605-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Trade Paperback

Ian Parker is the author of a very successful mystery series. It’s time for his main characters to “express” their love for one another; however, there’s a bit of a problem. Ian hasn’t a clue how to write a sex scene. His agent comes up with a brilliant idea…or is it? She wants him to spend a week with a WHAT?? Maxine (Maxie) Mitchell is a romance author that is ready to take on romantic suspense; however, there’s a bit of a problem. Maxie knows nothing about how a private investigator works. Her agent is Ian’s agent. Both of these authors are Driven to write the best books they can but they are neither one happy about having to rely on one another. LuAnn McLane gives us a tale with two of the most charming characters. I grinned, smiled, giggled and laughed throughout the entire story.

Jay Douglas is having a fabulous run of luck at the Blackjack tables in Eddie Flynn’s casino and Eddie wants to know how he’s doing it! Libby Thatcher wants Eddie to honor his business agreement with her father so her father can retire in peace, but she hates dealing with the sleazy, corrupt Eddie. Little do Jay and Libby know that Eddie is going to do them both a favor by asking Libby to “cozy up” to Jay and see if she can find out how he’s winning. Patricia Ryan’s What Happens in Vegas is a very steamy look at the possibilities that can take place “behind the scenes” in a casino!! This novella is a sure bet!

Mia Drake is feeling sorry for herself. She’s turning 30 and she’s sponging off her Aunt Clara. She’s an artist that tried to sell her work in New York and no one was interested. She packed up and moved to South Carolina. Her aunt heard of a job for a “painter” – seems Rick Rose, the star of Mia’s bathtub fantasies, needs his bar painted. From what Clara told Rick, he assumes that Mia is another “needy” woman, the same kind of woman he stays far away from, but no matter what he tells himself, he does want Mia. He doesn’t want a relationship, or does he?? Toni Blake has written a great story in Brushstrokes. Mia and Rick are two terrific characters.

Taking Care of Business is a sassy, sexy, steamy anthology with novellas from three fabulous authors. Do yourself a favor – buy it!!

Reviewed in October 2005 by PamL.

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