by Ellen Fisher

July 2005
ISBN: 1-58608-587-5
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I really enjoyed this story and have to wonder if it happens to authors before the readers ever see it in print and/or does it make it to print. We have an author that has only written historicals before and now tries the hand at a contemporary. Well, can the author make the transition from one to the next? Well, almost, in this case.

Almost is correct and Jude, not Judy as the book says, is having trouble with modern day sex scenes. He knows it and isnít sure what to do about it. He gets some help from the most unlikely of places, a fan.

Alyssa canít believe that Judy is really Jude but that doesnít stop her from reading his latest, In the Mood. But what she sees isnít that grand, the sex scenes well, as Jude says, ďsuck, and not in a good wayĒ. She offers to help him and he does accept.

The attraction between Jude and Alyssa is there from almost the beginning. Well for Jude it is there, lust at first sight. But they both have demons they must overcome before they can even begin to move forward and what happens when the help turns into the real thing.

Ms. Fisher has given us a delightful read that will have you chuckling at some of the antics and leaving your groaning at others. It takes an act of faith from both of them to take the final step toward each other. Iím wondering if we will see a story about Judeís brother in the future. That might be interesting to see.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Pam.

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