by Libby Malin

October 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89534-8
Reviewer Graphic Button Red Dress Ink
Trade Paperback

Amy Sheldon’s life comes to a crashing halt when the man of her dreams is killed in a car accident. To top it all off, her job, as manager of a Baltimore floral shop will soon be gone as the shop is going out of business. Her charming house in the country that she rents is being sold and her most faithful customer arrives in a tantrum after Amy screws up one of his many flower deliveries. Thank goodness for her best friend Wendy and her cat Trixie.

Lawyer Henry Castle is the irate customer giving Amy a hard time. He has no trouble attracting a steady stream of ever changing beautiful women and being the perfect gentleman he always makes sure that each woman receives a thank you bouquet with a message that never changes. Of course when Amy mixes up his latest order, the result is disastrous.

Amy is positive that the last thing she needs is a man like Henry. After all she already knows how many other women he’s gone through. Of course Amy is not Henry’s typical woman however the attraction that blooms between them is a hard one to fight. Can Amy turn this carefree bachelor into husband material? Can Henry help heal Amy’s broken heart?

This debut novel from Libby Malin offers a unique twist to the dating game. I especially enjoyed the charming floral titled chapter headings. Even though I feel this particular story is better suited for the single twenty something crowd. I found it a light fluffy read for myself. I’m sure this author will soon have her own fan club who will anxiously await more books.

Reviewed in December 2005 by Shelby.

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