by Diane Greenwood

November 2005
ISBN: 1-58749-521-X
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It seems like Victoria is cursed by her beautiful looks. She finds it especially hard after her parents die. When her Aunt mistakenly assumes she is romping with her cousinís suitor, Victoria is ordered out of the house. She then takes up a position with Lord Lairdscroft as a governess to his motherless sons.

I found this heroine to be totally silly. She hides her beauty from the world, and lets her employer believe she is pockmarked. Later in the story, she is ashamed to be seen until the ball at his home where she appears in all her beauty and laps up the attention, yet she is piqued when he is furious at her deceit.

I could well understand his annoyance, as Victoria seems vain and silly for an intelligent woman.

Parts of the book are good as well as the authorís creation of the boys, Justin and Brodie. The boys certainly lighten up the pages of an otherwise at times dull story; the story comes across as dull because too much time is spent on Victoriaís beauty and how much it prevents her from enjoying her life. As a plot, this one did nothing for me, as being such a beauty would surely have opened doors closed to the plain girl in a time period where marriage was foremost in a girlís mind.

The book focuses so much on the heroine that it was easy to forget the heroís role. His part seemed secondary at times.

I have no doubt that Victoria had many redeeming features, but I simply couldnít get past her hang-up with her beauty. Because of this, she paled as a heroine. To my mind she didnít deserve the hero.

The best parts of this book were the scenes featuring the two boys!

Reviewed in October 2005 by Mary.

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