by Beth Williamson

ISBN: 1-59578-070-X
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Nicole Malloy has been on the run for three years. Shed killed a man in self defense, and Owen Hoffman, the mans brother, wants her found. Hes claiming she murdered his brother and then ran off with $10,000 of his money. Bounty hunter Tyler Calhoun is called in for the case since no one else has been able to track Nicole down. Tyler wants out of the bounty hunter business, and the reward being offered for this case will be enough to allow him to do so. Its not until he meets the rancher that he realizes hes going to be hunting down a woman.

After a few months of tracking, Tyler finally catches up to the feisty Nicky, who has been masquerading as a man in order to survive. He has his hands full trying to keep her from getting away, but as they travel day after day, he finds himself attracted to her. Nicky tells him her version of what happened, and hes torn between wanting to trust her and fearing shes just trying to trick him into letting her go.

The author introduces us to the entire Malloy clan, as well as several other important characters whom well meet again in the sequel, The Prize. This e-book does not get any racier than your average romance novel, so if you shy away from the more graphic love scenes, you have nothing to fear. My only complaint with the story is that some of the scenes were very rushed. I thought a few of them were so glossed over they shouldnt have been included at all. Other than that its a pleasant read if you are in the mood for a western.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Jackie.

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