by Bella Andre

November 2005
ISBN: 1-4165-0957-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Pocket Books
Trade Paperback

You like it hot? Get yourself a copy of Bella Andreís Take Me. Known for her steamy Elloraís Cave releases, Bella Andre might have changed publishers, but her writing is hotter and sexier than ever.

Lily Ellis is more on the shy side. But when it comes to supporting her sister, there is no stopping her. To find the courage for her walk down the catwalk as a plus size model, she needs her best friend Luke Carson sitting in the audience. However, it is his twin Travis Carson that turns up and canít keep his eyes and hands of her. And for one night, transformed by one of her sisterís creations, Lily lives her fantasy. Empowered, she goes for what she wants. Travis! And to his own surprise Ė whose preference usually runs to skinny women with no brains - heís happy to oblige.

They share a night of fantastic sex, but in the morning Lily is gone. Unused to being the one left behind, Travis sets out to find more about the suddenly changed Lily. His brother, fed up with Travis' womanising days and protective of his best friend, tells him that Lily wasnít too impressed with his performance in bed. Outraged, Travis sets out to prove her wrong. To get closer to Lily, Travis offers her a job as interior decorator on a project heís working on for a wealthy couple. She accepts this new challenge, relishing the fact that it will keep her by his side. Lily knows to keep his interest is to stay elusive, which doesnít always work out as planned. When Travis doesnít get to prove his sexual prowess in San Francisco, he just whisks Lily off to Italy.

Itís in Tuscany that Lily learns to overcome her insecurities. Travisí attentions and encouragements allow her to free herself and to become the woman sheís always wanted to be. Maybe her transformation is a little rushed, but it is empowering and very sexy. And itís fun to see this successful and beautiful man so frustrated, having to work for the first time in his life for a womanís attentions and coming to understand that it is her love heís always wanted.

With fun dialogues, a breathtaking European setting and sympathetic characters, itís easy to be seduced by this story involving an insecure full sized heroine. Her size is of importance to the story, but it doesnít dominate it. Bella Andreís Take Me is most of all hot, sexy, lush, hungry and sweaty. Lily and Travis burn up the pages, but there is a story to go with all the wonderful sex, and itís a good one.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Kris Alice.

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