by Brit Blaise

June 2005
ISBN: 1-59279-392-4
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Alicia Moore has been in love with Brett Coleman for years and she is tired of him treating her like a kid, instead of a full-grown woman. Boarding her horses at his ranch and seeing him constantly is more than she can stand. It is time for Alicia to take matters into her own hands and get this handsome cowboy into bed! There is only one hitch, Ridge and Holly, Brett’s friends, caught her in the act of a threesome now Alicia is not sure if they will tell Brett or should she. Now her chance of getting her man could blow-up in her face. To top it off, her mother has been arrested for prostitution again, could things get any worse?

Another Cave Creek Cowboyis a short story by Brit Blaise. This is a wonderfully quick and entertaining read for a lazy afternoon or relaxing on vacation. The storyline is fast paced and well delivered. Ms. Blaise’s writing is contagiously engrossing and sharply defined. The dialogues and story sequences flow to create a well-contrived tale.

Brett is a sexy low-keyed cowboy, with sensuality as his middle name. He is not sure how to deal with this firebrand and now sexual temptress. Alicia has not had an easy life and has worked hard for everything she has accomplished. There is only one thing left to get done and that is saddling-up her cowboy, ride him hard and put him up wet!

If you love sexy cowboys, then you need to cowgirl-up and get your copy of Another Cave Creek Cowboy by Brit Blaise. This reviewer recommends it!

Reviewed in July 2005 by Janalee.

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