by Geralyn Dawson

December 2005
ISBN: 0-373-77072-3
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Mass Market Paperback


The McBride Menaces have grown up, and youngest McBride sister Katrina (Kat) McBride has been feeling the full force of the family bad-luck curse for years. Her scoundrel husband, (well sort of husband), Rory Callahan, was killed trying to redeem himself when he intervened in the kidnapping of Kat’s sister Mari. Kat found herself pregnant with Rory’s baby, but not alone, because the McBride family stands by each other. When tragedy strikes again, and Kat faces her most devastating loss she takes off for a much-needed holiday with her flamboyant grandmother and oldest sister Emma to England. It is there Kat comes face to face with another scoundrel, even worse then Rory, piratical adventurer, Jake Kimball.

Jake Kimball met Kat McBride only once years before; but never forgot the strikingly beautiful woman who had approached him about the Sacred Heart Cross that was supposed to be her legacy from Rory for their child. Kimball refused to part with it, and then compounded things further by stealing Kat’s precious emerald necklace. The necklace was given to her along with two others for her sisters by a fortuneteller who claimed the necklaces would finally help the McBride sisters break the family curse, when they found true love. Now here was the biggest scoundrel Kat had ever come across, in England! Jake had been summoned to England upon the tragic death of his sister and her husband to assume custody of their five children. Jake has a major dilemma on his hands. This brood of ruffians is in desperate need of a mother to give them a firm, but loving hand. Jake needs to get back to his archeological pursuits. There is only one solution, Jake has to marry and quickly. The answer, to hold a bride contest! Nevertheless, when Emma McBride comes to apply it is her sister Kat that intrigues Jake. What Kat does not need is another scoundrel in her life, and definitely does not want to take on the role of mother to his wild bunch of nieces and nephew! However, Jake’s hot pursuit peppered with drugging kisses that bring Kat alive again could be what makes Kat give in!

To coin a favorite catch phrase of the McBride sisters, “Oh my, oh my, oh my!” Her Scoundrel USA Today bestselling author Geralyn Dawson’s latest in her Bad Luck Brides stories, just takes the cake….the wedding cake that is! Hot, and steamy, a thrillingly sensuous ride on the wild side that you will savor from start to finish! Kat McBride, although the youngest, is the strongest and most determined of the three sisters. Kat’s triumph over a terrible heartbreak makes her one of the most impressive heroines you will read about for a long time. Throw in a super sexy, endearing scoundrel like Jake Kimball and you will want him as bad as Kat does, and bad is good!

Reviewed in November 2005 by Bonnie.

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