by Tracie Peterson

October 2005
ISBN: 0-7642-2776-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Bethany House Publishers
Trade Paperback

Jana McGuire has just returned home from a missionary trip to Africa to find a “Dear Johnette” letter from her minister husband. He has left Jana for his secretary. Needless to say Jana is astonished by this. Not only has he taken most of everything in the house, he has cleaned out their joint savings account and most of the money in there was hers saved from gifts from her Great Aunt Taffy. She only has one week left in the house because it belongs to the church. To make matters worse, while she was in Africa, she found out she was pregnant. She had no idea Rob was that unhappy in their marriage. She saw no signs of him having an affair. What in the world was she going to do? She had hardly any money, no place to live, no job and a baby on the way. She had to make the dreaded telephone call to her mother, asking if she could stay with her and Aunt Taffy. She wasn’t close to her mother, they barely spoke to each other, how would they be able to live together?

Eleanor, Jana’s mother has kept Jana way beyond arms length. Any closer, and Eleanor’s past will come back, and she will have to relive those horrible times again, she just does not want to have to face the past again. Eleanor has learned to keep people at arms length since she was fourteen years old. That’s when her world fell apart. Will she and Jana be able to get past the anger and the hurt? Will they be close like mothers and daughters should? Will they both be able to forgive each other and more importantly will they both be able to find their way back to God?

The one person who might be able to help both Eleanor and Jana is Aunt Taffy. She is a spry woman of almost eighty years. It seems she doesn’t let anything get in the way she wants to live her life. She is always upbeat, never lets anyone get her down, not even Eleanor who thinks Aunt Taffy should slow down because of her age. Taffy will have none of that. Taffy is just beside herself when Jana comes to live with her and Eleanor. She hopes she can help heal the two people she loves most in this world.

Tracie Peterson is a wonderful writer. She writes both historical and contemporary novels. I have read both genres. She always puts the reader right there with the characters. The reader feels the same emotions as the characters. That is what makes a great writer, you as the reader forget you are reading fiction. A word of warning: The author does bring up child abuse and infidelity. It is done without graphic details, but it is there nonetheless. I recommend this latest book of Tracie Peterson to everyone.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Pat.

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