by Laura Caldwell

September 2005
ISBN: 0-373-89531-3
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Trade Paperback

Have you ever gone to bed and wished that when you woke in the morning everything you have worked for, and dreamt about would be yours? If we were to be honest with ourselves I think everyone would say yes to at least part of this question.

Billy Rendall thought that if she could have everything she wished for life would be perfect. Amongst Billy’s wishes: a promotion at work, a better relationship with her husband, her mother to move on with her life after the death of her second husband, and for co-worker Evan to return the crush that she’s harbored for a long time.

Billy is unhappy with the way her life is progressing, and decides to seek help from a professional therapist. After getting many recommendations she actually picks her therapist Blinda by the fact that as she was walking one day she saw her sign in an apartment window. Blinda is not a traditional therapist, and the relationship between them seems to be just what Billy needs.

When Blinda tells Billy that she’s going to Africa and will be out of touch for a bit Billy panics. How will she get along without her? Blinda’s parting gift to Billy is a jade frog. Billy doesn’t understand this unique gift and has no idea how it will soon impact her future.

When Billy wakes the morning after receiving the frog she wakes to a world that is far different than the one she knew when she went to sleep that evening. All of her dreams have suddenly come to fruition. Will life be the ideal she has hoped for or will she come to want her old life back?

Billy is faced with having to make choices. They are not easy for her to make, but having been given a glimpse into her future she now can reflect back on her past in a way that we can only imagine.

The ending of The Night I Got Lucky was quite satisfying, with one small exception. Blinda has finally returned from her extended trip to Africa and Billy gets to discuss with someone who can truly understand how she feels about the frog. Blinda tells her the legend behind the frog and Billy passes the frog on to someone she feels needs it. I would like to see how the frog affects the life of the woman to whom Billy passed it on.

Ms. Caldwell has taken an intriguing topic and turned it into a well written story that will have readers wanting to ignore the demands of their lives to keep reading. Billy’s story is one that should leave all readers wondering if their dreams were suddenly to come true how would they react?

Chick Lit is a genre that I personally find to be hit or miss. I’m pleased to say that Laura Caldwell is a master of the genre, and has yet to write a book that hasn’t kept me turning pages well past my bedtime.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Sandi.

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