by Susanna Carr

December 2005
ISBN: 0-7582-1081-7
Reviewer Graphic Button Brava
Trade Paperback

A little white lie never hurt anyone right? Or so down on her luck Molly Connors thought when she began telling them. Molly is a fun loving single girl trying to make ends meet until she gets the promotion she is expecting and can get back on her feet. Too bad she manages to get fired before the promotion comes through. Being the resourceful soul that she is Molly moves herself into one of her boss’s unused homes and when she is discovered she tells another lie claiming to be his fiancée’. The poor girl is just digging herself in deeper and deeper.

Kyle Ashton has worked hard to make his business a success but now it seems like someone is selling insider secrets to the competition. When all clues point to Molly Connors Kyle has no choice but to fire her no matter how much he doesn’t want too.

When he discovers her living in is house pretending to be his fiancée he must go along with the lie until his important clients leave. Will Kyle take advantage of the situation and make Molly his? How will Molly get herself out of this mess and prove that she is not guilty of selling Kyle out? These questions can only be answered if you get your own copy of Lip Lock and find out for yourself.

I found Molly Connors to be a delightful heroine that I could relate to on many levels. Despite her habit of telling little white lies, which is unbecoming and lands her in trouble time and again, I have found myself in some of the same situations she ends up in and found her to be quite loveable despite her shortcomings. Kyle is a fitting hero for the quirky Molly Connors and readers will get lost in their story as it plays out over the pages. The talented Susanna Carr has created a believable and laugh out loud story that will have fans clamoring for more of her work. Ms. Carr is definitely a star on the rise with this latest offering.

Reviewed in January 2006 by Barbara.

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