by Tina St. John

December 2005
ISBN: 0-345-45996-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Ivy Books
Mass Market Paperback

Author Tina St. John has finished her Dragon Chalice series with the story of Randwulf of Greycliff. When we last saw Rand, he was a broken man. His wife and son had been killed by the shapesifters under Silas de Mortaineís command. Randís surrender of one-quarter of the legendary chalice was not enough to save them. He has vowed revenge, and set sail for Scotland, to find the final piece of the enchanted cup.

When he is attacked during a bizarre storm at sea, Rand is swept overboard. When he awakens, a lovely young woman is bent over him, trying to see if he is alive. She flees, promising to send aid, but never returns. It is not until later that Rand encounters her again.

Serena has spent her entire life sheltered from the outside world. Along with her mother, she dwells in a forest where she can find ample sustenance. If she sometimes wonders what is beyond her small world, she knows that her gift would make life among others difficult. Even sheltered, she must wear gloves and take care not to touch other living creatures or The Knowing can take hold of her senses. She feels guilty for not aiding the storm-tossed stranger, but her mother says that to do so is to invite danger to their home.

Heart of the Dove is a very satisfying finale to this trilogy of magic and passion. Rand is consumed by his grief and guilt. His quest for vengeance has blinded him to many other truths. Serena is a gentle woman, who loves all living creatures. Her strange gift reveals Randís purpose and pain. She longs to help him, but does not know how. As they learn about each other, they also learn more about themselves.

Reviewed in November 2005 by Paula.

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