by Cheryl St John

July 2005
ISBN: 0-373-293607
Reviewer Graphic Button Harlequin
Mass Market Paperback

Copper Creek, Colorado 1890

Word arrived at Rock Ridge ranch that fate had finally caught up with reclusive Noah Cutter's younger scalawag brother, Levi. An irate husband shot and killed him, and Noah knew he had one last mess of Leviís to clean up. Even though he rarely left the sanctuary of his ranch, Noah traveled to Masonville to collect his brotherís body, and his pregnant widow.

Shocked to see this hulking man on her doorstep, and flabbergasted by the news that her missing husband was dead, Katherine Cutter had no choice but to go with the ominous stranger for the sake of her unborn child. Noah said he would take care of Kate and the baby and they would have a home with him on his ranch. Noah was horribly scarred, having suffered a terrible accident in his youth that left him of the opinion that he was not fit company for society. Nonetheless, Noah was determined to make Kate see she belonged with him under his protection, even when it came down to having to marry her. Kateís hopes and dreams had been crushed by Leviís empty promises, but despite Noahís disfigured appearance, instinctually Katherine knew she could trust this intense man. Against her angry motherís warnings, Kate looked into the depth of Noahís heart to the kindness and compassion that lay inside of him and Kate just knew she would be a fool not to go with him.

In a moving style reminiscent of such authors as LaVyrle Spencer, Ruth Ryan Langan, and Lorraine Heath, Cheryl St John has written another knock out novel with His Secondhand Wife! A truly touching Beauty and the Beast story, His Secondhand Wife is a perfect five rose read! Elements of salvation /second chances, and soaring romance make this a tale to stay with the reader long after it is finished. Noah is a powerfully driven profound hero and you, as kindhearted Kate does, will want to look beyond the scars to the magnificent man that is inside him! You go Cheryl!

Reviewed in July 2005 by Bonnie.

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