by Judith Miller

July 2005
ISBN: 0-7642-2997-4
Reviewer Graphic Button Bethany House Publishers
Trade Paperback

Ezekiel Harban wanted to have something of his own, for himself and his family. They were at one time slaves and then sharecroppers for the Kincaid family in Georgetown, Kentucky. They were promised land and a town named Nicodemus, in Kansas. A man named Mr. Hill had promised them all this and more, to help them start anew as the Civil war had been over with for a number of years. Didn’t the former slaves of the south deserve a fresh start as free people? What they found at the new town, was nothing like Mr. Hill promised; there was no town, no buildings, nothing. Would they stay or would they be forced to go back to being sharecroppers in Kentucky?

Dr Samuel Boyle is a northerner living in the south after the war. His wife is from the south. Dr. Boyle never believed in owning another human being; it goes against everything in his bones. He decides to move his family to Kansas, to a town called Hill City, which is not far from Nicodemus. Mr. Hill also claimed Hill City had everything a family could want. His wife, son, and daughter did not want to move to the wildness of the Kansas frontier; they were used to having the comforts of home. When the Boyle family arrives at Hill City, they were as disappointed as were the people living in Nicodemus. Would Samuel’s family get him to agree to move back home or will he be just as determined as Ezekiel is to make it work?

The two towns of Hill City and Nicodemus will have much interaction with each other. Dr. Samuel will ignore boundaries to give whatever aid he can to those less fortune then himself, and Ezekiel will interact because he likes Dr. Samuel and his family. When Samuel’s wife becomes unwell, Ezekiel's daughter, Truth, agrees to live in Hill City to help out. These two vastly different towns need each other more than the townspeople will know.

This is a bold new series by a wonderful author, Judith Miller. She has written quite a few books both on her own and with Tracie Peterson. If you have read any of Judith Miller book’s, you will most certainly will want to read this book as well.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Pat.

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