by Karen Kingsbury

October 2005
ISBN: 0-446-53236-3
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Faith
Trade Paperback

Fifteen-year-old Hannah Roberts remembers a time when her father was her closest friend. The image is not clear, pulled as it is from distant memories. Now her father is cold and distant, a politician too busy to spend time with his daughter. Her mother also is busy, living overseas as the busy wife of an ambassador. Hannah feels forgotten, spending her evenings with a cold, uncaring grandmother she rarely sees.

This year, Hannah is praying for a miracle. She wants her mother and father to be there for Christmas, but as Christmas nears, Hannah learns that the man she believes to be her father is not her biological dad after all. In an effort to find answers, she begins a desperate search for her real father, Air Force chopper pilot, Mike Connor. As newspapers and politicians discover her quest, everyone is soon caught up in HANNAHíS HOPE. Will she find her father before it is too late?

Wow! HANNAHíS HOPE is another page-turner from Karen Kingsbury. I fell in love with Hannah and understood why she was so desperate to find her dad - a man who loved her. Because the story is written in Hannahís, her motherís, and her fatherís point of view, the reader always knows why something happened, and even where Mike Connor is. I grew to care for each of the characters, even the mother, despite the fact she seemed to be in the wrong.

HANNAHíS HOPE is a book to pick up for the holidays. Included at the end are ways to minister to troops serving overseas-or returning from active duty. It is the perfect size to be stuffed in a special someoneís Christmas stocking and is sure to be a heart warmer.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Laura.

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