by Minda Webber

July 2005
ISBN: 0-505-52637-9
Reviewer Graphic Button Lovespell
Mass Market Paperback

Whatís in a name? Ask Clair Frankenstein and she would tell you her very livelihood. She was proud of being a Frankenstein, but being a failure in a family known for their accomplishments was hard for her to bear. Then Clair comes up with a plan. It would put her name on the lips of everyone in London. She would not only be as famous as her relatives were, but she would be a heroine as well. Imagine the surprise of the ton when it was revealed that vampires walked among them!

Clair has not personally met Baron Huntsley, but she has spoken to a maid from his estate and the tales she heard were enough to rouse her suspicions. A year of sleuthing has given Clair enough information to warrant an investigation. It was her great-auntís proclamation that put the last nail in the coffin, so to speak. The tarot cards proved Baron Huntsley was a creature of the night. Clair was a jumble of nerves and excitement after that. The coveted Scientific Discovery of the Decade Award would be hers, and Clair would have made her mark in the annals of the Frankenstein achievements.

When Baron Huntsley found a beautiful young woman breaking into his basement he was not sure whether to call the Runners of Bow Street or the Bedlam wagon. Truthfully, he was more inclined to throw her into his bed. The loony woman, though a sight to behold, was stepping into dangerous territory with her outrageous stunts. London after dark was not a safe place. His bed would be the perfect place for him to make sure she didnít run into trouble and might possibly distract her from her incessant quest.

After their bizarre first meeting one would think Ian Huntsley would know what he was in for, but Clair was a powder keg of surprises. Is forever in the cards for this unlikely couple? There is that small, but significant bit of information that Ian has not given Clair. Would she be horrified or thrilled to have her own personal specimen to examine at her leisure? One thing was for certain; life with Miss Clair Frankenstein would be nothing short of remarkable.

It is always exciting when a reader comes across a book with some originality to it. The Remarkable Miss Frankenstein is such a book. Yes, it is laden with cliches and themes familiar to all, but...the humor with which Ms. Webber spins this tale causes the reader to feel as if the author has created something new for us to relish. You forgive the distracting jumps in the writing. You just enjoy. Isnít that the reason we read our books Ė to enjoy? Ms. Webber has achieved that goal in The Remarkable Miss Frankenstein.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Rho.

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