by Cait London

October 2005
ISBN: 0-06-079087-3
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Mass Market Paperback

The kids are back in school, and the routine of driving carpools, and soccer practice has been established. Now, youíre ready for me time. May I suggest that along with the Calgon Bath you read Flashback by Cait London.

Ms. Londonís newest romantic suspense is a family story. Rachel Everly was just barely a teenager when she brought home foster child, Mallory. She talks her mother into adopting the girl, and a family is expanded to three daughters. Rachel, Mallory, and Jada grew up as any young girl does or did they?

Years have passed and each daughter is living a life of their own. Mallory has purchased a business called Nine Balls, a billiard parlor. Her adopted mother Trina was once a down on her luck single mother who pulled herself up by her bootstraps by her brains, and her talent for pool. It was something she passed onto each of her daughters, though only Mallory followed most closely in her footsteps.

Mallory has led a troubled life, and has decided that suicide is the best solution. Her sudden and mysterious death pulls Rachel from her life on the corporate fast track back into life in Neptuneís Landing. Mallory has left everything to Rachel, and as Rachel begins to take over Malloryís apartment and business she gets the feeling that Mallory is dead, but not gone. She feels that there is something unfinished that Mallory is counting on her to handle.

Rachel stirs up life in Neptuneís Landing, and many of the residents arenít happy with her probing into their lives. Rachel is determined to find the cause of Malloryís unhappiness, and if possible repair her tarnished reputation. Many of the residents of Neptuneís Landing are not happy with Rachelís inquiries, but Rachel remains undaunted.

The major male character is named Kyle. He was a drifter just passing through Neptuneís Landing when something or someone there caught his eye, and he became determined to build his future there. Is Kyle the evil person who set Mallory on her path of self destruction, or is he the one man who tried to save her?

Cait London is a masterful writer whose tale of romantic suspense will have readers turning pages late into the night. I do not know when another story will be coming off the pen of Ms. London, but I shall be eagerly awaiting it.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Sandi.

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