by Christine Carroll

September 2005
ISBN: 1-93281542-2
Reviewer Graphic Button Medallion Press
Mass Market Paperback

Eight years ago Mariah Grant and Rory Campbell thought they could have it all. They made wonderful plans to bring two companies together and build an even larger company. How mistaken this would be for these two Children of Dynasty. After Roryís father, Davis Campbell caught them together on his yacht they werenít to speak to one another for eight long years.

Mariah went off to college and Rory found himself married, but he realizes this is not the one he wants to be with for the rest of his life and their relationship is over. He works for his Dadís company, DCI.

Davis Campbellís desire is to destroy Grand Development, owned by Davisís former best friend, John Grant. They had plans to go into business, but one very exceptional lady, Catherine, brought any future business plans to a halt. She married John and Davis could never forgive him for that for he loved Catherine also. Now it will affect their children, both of whom have strong feelings for each other.

Grant Developments newest building has had an accident and it makes Rory realizes just how important Mariah is to him. She was injured but was not one of those that had died. Now there is a question of who done it. Was it really an accident or did someone help it to happen. Not only is one person missing but was it meant for Mariah to be killed.

Mariah and Rory fight their wants and desires for each other until they had to have each other. While away privately, John Grant has a heart attack. He is rushed into surgery and has strict orders to rest, no work and to watch his eating habits. Mariah has not only taken Johnís place at Grant Developments, she also moves in with him to make sure he follows the doctorís orders. She still is seeing Rory but she does not trust him completely. Someone is telling secrets from inside the company. Due to the accident and the push from Davis their bank notes have been called in. They may just lose it all!

But Rory has a plan. Will Mariah go along with it? Will it work? Will Davis learn to forgive that John and Catherine married? Will the thirty years of hatred come to an end for the sake of their off spring? Also will Mariah and Rory be able to admit their love for each other?

Christine Carroll book has a lot passion in it but I was disappointed that some of things were left up in the air. What about Roryís parents? Will they be able to work things out? Will they be able to make amends to the person that they thought was the spy? I enjoyed Mariahís and Roryís romance and how hard Rory had to work to get Mariah to trust him. Can we expect a sequel to answer about the other characters?

Reviewed in August 2005 by Theresa.

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