by Virginia Henley

September 2005
ISBN: 0-451-21627-X
Reviewer Graphic Button Signet Books
Mass Market Paperback

When a redheaded hellion crosses emotional swords with a sensuous military mind, the outcome can be delightfully bewitching!

Elizabeth “Velvet” Cavendish and Alex Greysteel Montgomery were betrothed at an early age. From that moment on, these two shall engage each other in lives drawn by the battle of powerful lusty attraction. When Montgomery returns from many years of war and imprisonment, he will again see his betrothed. Velvet is still vibrant and headstrong, but has grown into a beautifully alluring woman. Montgomery will do everything in his power to recapture this vixen’s heart and make her his wife, but he has another agenda as a double agent to fulfill - getting King Charles II of England back on his rightful throne. Can Montgomery achieve both and still be unscathed? Can he master and tame the unwilling Velvet?

Unmasked is the newest historical novel by Virginia Henley. With eager anticipation and excitement for the release of this novel, Ms. Henley did not disappoint! From the moment you crack open the spine, the characters and their majestic surroundings carry you away to that special stage called flight of fancy. You are swept away to another time and place to frolic amongst the scenes and dialogues. This reader connected with the characters and their emotional kingdom. The drama and intrigue will hold the reader tightly to the pages, seducing them. When it comes to historical romance, Ms. Henley is truly the queen of this realm!

Montgomery and Velvet are a beautifully matched pair. Velvet with her fiery spirit is enthralling to Montgomery. He is drawn like a magnet to this magnificent creature. Velvet does not stand a chance, with Montgomery’s dark commanding physique and dominating presence. Montgomery will use his military mind to conquer and defeat Velvet - breaking down the emotional barrier she has erected. These two will dance through this story to the oldest tune known to man, the sexual dance of sensuous passion!

This historical novel comes with the highest of recommendations from this reviewer, and is a crowning jewel in Ms. Henley’s historical series. Please, do not hesitate a moment - procure your copy today! Unmasked by Virginia Henley is a must read for 2005!

Reviewed in August 2005 by Janalee.

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