by Deborah Bedford

November 2005
ISBN: 0-446-69043-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Faith
Trade Paperback

Pastor Sam Tibbits is taking a Sabbatical from his church. His brother-in-law and best friend have just died, leaving Sam’s sister Brenda hurting, and her teenage son bitter and confused. Not to mention the church is resisting any suggestions Sam makes to reach out to the hurting and unsaved in the community. When Brenda suggests that Sam should take her son Hunter with him on his retreat, Sam resists. He doesn’t have anything left to give, especially not to Hunter who hurt Sam in the worst way possible.

Years earlier, Sam’s favorite memories involve the time he spent at Piddock Beach, Oregon, on vacation. His best friend, Audrey McCart, lived there year round. Her father owned a charter business, and her brother was the town’s favorite son. Sam cherished all the thoughts of that idyllic place and years later returned to ask Audrey to marry him. But Audrey was no longer there...and rumor has it she’d gotten in trouble in the family way.

Now, desperate to find God and hoping to find renewal in his spirit, Sam returns to Piddock Beach and despite misgivings, he brings Hunter with him. To his surprise, he finds Aubrey. Both are carrying emotional baggage; both are desperate to find answers. As the two renew their friendship and try to find peace, will they be able to avoid overstepping boundaries?

Remember Me starts out written in back story when Sam was a child reflecting upon his friendship with Aubrey and the fun they have on vacation. While I was initially put off by so much back story, it was written in an interesting manner and held my attention. I quickly grew to love Sam and Aubrey and care about their troubles.

There is a surprising twist at the end of the book that actually made the book go from just okay to outstanding. I think I would have been disappointed if the book had ended the way I expected it would. Deborah Bedford has a talent of drawing the reader in and letting them feel her characters’ emotions. While I would have liked to see a little more romance, this is definitely a book for the keeper shelf.

Reviewed in October 2005 by Laura.

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