by Lyn Cote

September 2005
ISBN: 0-446-69435-5
Reviewer Graphic Button Warner Faith
Trade Paperback

Elizabeth Leigh McCaslin, whom everyone calls Bette, is the daughter of Chloe, whom we had the pleasure of meeting in the first book of this outstanding series.

In the years before World War II, Bette has grown up. She is engaged to her sweetheart, Curt Sinclair, and the war is about to touch her and her sheltered world. She is approached by people who want her to help them with anti-Nazi espionage. She eagerly accepts, hoping it will help in stopping the evil of World War II. She has to lie to those she loves, including Curt. How will she be able to handle the secrets and the lies she has to tell everyone? If she is anything like her mother, she will do just fine.

Bette also has some misgivings about marrying Curt, but she keeps her promise and marries him. She realizes that maybe she made a bad choice by marrying him. He tells her what happened to him while he was in France, and he wants a divorce. She refuses and tells him she is pregnant. Will they be able to work out their differences and stay as a family? Or will it be too much for both of these young people to handle?

This second book of The Women of Ivy Manor was amazing to read. Bette is a chip off the old block. She is a very strong female in a time of war; she had to be to survive, just like her mother was in the first book. The men in Bette’s life tried to keep her out of harm's way, but she didn’t want to stay home and worry and knit socks. She wanted to be part of something bigger, which she was. Fans of Lyn Cote will most definitely enjoy Bette - The Women of Ivy Manor, Book II. This reviewer highly recommends both books.

Reviewed in August 2005 by Pat.

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