by Heath Lorraine

October 2005
ISBN: 0-06-074976-8
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Mass Market Paperback

London, 1852

What if the one person you trusted above everyone else kidnapped you, took over your identity, and sent you to Londonís notorious Pentonville prison? That was the nightmare that Robert Hawthorne, Duke of Killingsworth, found himself living for eight long years! It was all because of Robert's identical twin brother, John, whose extreme jealousy of him, resulted in this diabolical scheme.

Pentonville was the latest innovation in prisons; its inmates were kept in separate cells, forbidden to speak or interact with each other, and forced to wear peaks or Scottish hoods over their faces. After Robert devised a plan to escape, he made his way to London where he confronted his treacherous brother. At a loss as to how to right what John had wrought for eight years, Robert turned the tables on his brother and sent John back to Pentonville in his place. Thinking he had enough time to find proof of what John had done, Robert was stunned to learn that he (or rather John pretending to be him) was to wed the next morning! What a predicament! Robert had no choice but to go ahead with marrying Johnís fiance, and try to make sense of everything afterwards. It was the bride herself, who threw the biggest curve yet Robertís way, for she was the most beautiful creature Robert had ever seen!

Victoria Lambert had some misgivings about marrying the Duke of Killingsworth, but as she gets to know her new husband more, she sees a different side of the man who asked her to marry him. It is almost as if there are two different Roberts, and this one is so much more kind and gentle. Torie is shocked to realize in so short a period of time that her feelings of affection for Robert have deepened into love.

A Matter of Temptation is a stunning mixture of the classic tale from The Man in the Iron Mask and a dazzling romance story. Lorraine Heath has proven once again why her novels are so amazingly unique! Robert Hawthorne is a hero to be reckoned with! He comes complete with issues to settle, but would put all that aside just for the love of a woman he was not intended to be with. In addition, even after all the evil his own brother exacts on him, Robert can still not bring himself to deliberately hurt John by admitting his growing desire for Torie. A Matter of Temptation is truly destined to soar up the bestseller charts.

Reviewed in September 2005 by Bonnie.

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