by Lynn Kurland, Elizabeth Bevarly, Emily Carmichael and Elda Minger

July 2000
ISBN: 0-51512865-1
Reviewer Graphic Button Jove Books
Mass Market Paperback

I’m aware that some reviewers don’t really like anthologies – they’re to short to allow for character development or the plots don’t get a chance to mature. Sometimes, I even agree. But overall, I have to say I’m a sucker for them – I love a quick, good story, that I can read without giving up an afternoon, and that I can put down and pick up again without having to re-read a chapter or two to regain my place.

This is an awesome anthology!!! Four great stories – funny, romantic, and tender, by four great writers. Lynn Kurland takes us to Alaska for The Icing on the Cake, and neatly switches roles between hero and heroine. Sydney Kincaid is actually a woman – and not just any woman, she’s a wilderness guide! Sam MacLeod is a writer, and also a gourmet cook! Yes, they end up together and it’s a lot of fun as Iditarod meets Iron Chef!! Bon appetit!!

Elizabeth Bevarly goes to a hot Alabama town, and takes her hero, Manhattan businessman Preston Atherton there too! Of course he’s as out of place as – well as a New York businessman in a small Alabama town! But that doesn’t deter Miss Mamie Calhoun, proprietor of the Bide-A-Wee bed and breakfast. Can Preston and Mamie find common ground? Can Mamie help him survive the heat? Can Preston survive the heat that Mamie is generating? Find out by reading The Short Hot Summer! It’s a riot!!

If you’re a dog lover, then Emily Carmichael has the story for you! Pride and Prejudice is all about dogs and dog shows, and even if you’ve never been to an Obedience or Conformation show, you can’t help but fall for Miss Priss, the papillon and her conquest, the award winning Border collie, Iowa. It helps that their owners are undergoing a major case of lust as well! Woof – bring out the dog treats, because this is a real treat of a tale (sorry, no pun intended!).

Elda Minger rounds out this anthology with her sizzler, The Princess and the Adventurer! Matt Kincaid is stunned by the gorgeous woman who walks into a dingy Mexican cantina looking for him! He’s even more stunned when he agrees to help her find her missing brother, a load of treasure, and love! Of course, he hadn’t figured on that last item, nor had he figured that Isabelle Burke might be a virgin! However, love will find a way, treasure will be found, happiness will reign and virginity will be a thing of the past – all the necessary elements of a fun romance in the jungle wilderness!

Here’s another great summer read – four entertaining and romantic tales – please make sure to turn over after each one and remember to apply sunscreen liberally – you might get lost in this book and end up with a burn for a souvenir instead of a smile!!

Reviewed in June 2002 by Celia.