by Danielle Steel

July 2005
ISBN: 0-385-33633-0
Reviewer Graphic Button Delacorte Press

As summer draws to an end, readers might be looking for a shorter read to fill in the down time between back to work, back to school shopping, and tending to the zillion other chores that must be attended to daily. Danielle Steelís newest book, Miracle, just might fit that niche for her fans.

Quinn Thompson is a retired business man. He is also a widower who is having difficulty adjusting to life without his wife. He spent the years of their marriage building his family and what he thought was security for that family. It is only now months after the death of his beloved wife Jane that he realizes not only what sacrifices his family made for his benefit but the cost of those sacrifices on his life.

Unable to stand being in the one and only home he and his wife shared, he decides to indulge his passion of sailing. He charters a boat and is gone for months, returning only when the boat he has chartered must be returned to her owners for their own use. Before returning home, he does however buy a sailboat of his own, but it will be almost a year before his boat is ready for sea trials.

In San Francisco he gets to the business of settling his wifeís estate and preparing the house for sale. Nature has other plans, and a raging storm damages his home. Unable to get a contractor or a roofer on a timetable that suits his needs, he takes a chance on a man who has just gone off on his own, Jack Adams.

Jack has issues of his own, and itís only after working for Quinn for many months that Jackís secret comes to light. Jack is a hard working compassionate man who starts to melt the ice around Quinnís heart. It is through Jackís insistence that Maggie, Quinnís neighbor, starts being involved in what has become a ritual Friday night dinner for the men.

Maggie finishes melting the ice that has been around Quinnís heart, but heís determined that heís already had a chance to be a husband and father. Having failed, he will not try again. Maggie understands, but when it comes time for Quinn to sail off on his own boat, will either be able to truly let go?

Miracle is a story of love, loss, and love again. For fans of Steel Miracle is classic Steel. For readers new to Danielle Steel Miracle is a book on which they will enjoy cutting their teeth.

Reviewed in July 2005 by Sandi.

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